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 “I contacted several credit organizations and Crédixia was the best, both in terms of customer follow-up and the competitiveness of the offers they offered me” Veronique M. “Very welcome and I recommend Techy Corp because I obtained thanks to them the purchase of My credit at a very interesting rate. And no extra charge. ” Jacques B. “Techy Corp offered us the most solid approach to obtain real estate financing. ” Mickael P. “Serious and responsive service, very good negotiated rates. Satisfied and no fees. I recommand it ” Paul H. “The file was well followed, reminders when a document was missing were very fast and the responsiveness of the service was also very good” Sarah G. “Very good, excellent responsiveness, the answers respond well to the request, the information is clear and transparent. We were fully satisfied. ” Stéphanie P. “Extras services, responsiveness to the top, kindness and politeness, and offers of loans unbeatable, what more ?? ” Carole L. “Techy Corp handled all our Real Estate Credit applications very professionally, efficiently and very quickly” 

The first time you ask for a loan can be a stressful situation, especially if you are not sure how you will repay it in the future. Although people obviously resort to loans because of the need for quick money, it is always recommended that they have a plan to settle their debt in no time. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling into a spiral of over-indebtedness and bad history in the credit bureau.

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