Revolving credit cheaper than buying on installment

Want to get through the expensive December month without cracks? This can be a real struggle financially. But not only the month of December ensures more (and more expensive) purchases. All offers on social media also tempt consumers to make purchases that they really can’t afford. Debt collection agencies are currently seeing a clear increase in communication with troubled consumers, who indicate they are unable to meet their payment obligations.

How do you prevent payment arrears and how do you get a better grip on your money?

How do you prevent payment arrears and how do you get a better grip on your money?

No money in the account?

Insufficient money in the bank account but still want to make all desired purchases. Consumers are then quickly tempted by the option of “purchase on installment”. Many see this as a perfect solution, but they do not realize that this form of financing is an expensive variant. “Buy on credit” providers almost always charge a high interest rate ; the consumer is very expensive. You pay an installment amount plus the interest payment via a spread payment afterwards. Purchase by installment does not control your money; it costs you a lot of extra money.

Roodstand, credit cards and mail order credits

Impulse purchases are not only paid via the option of installment purchase.

money card

This type of purchase also uses the options marked red on your account, buying on credit with the credit card and shopping at mail order companies. Thanks to these options, you are able to get the purchase immediately and only pay in arrears afterwards. These options also have a price tag: often high interest. The acceptance conditions for, for example, buying from mail-order companies are a lot less strict than with a loan, so there is a danger that the debt will continue to rise and the customer can no longer pay off.

Take care of impulse purchases financially

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How do you handle those expensive purchases? A revolving credit gives the possibility to be able to make impulse purchases if you cannot pay the entire amount but do not want to pay high interest. A revolving credit is an inexpensive and responsible way of borrowing money in comparison with buying on installment. If you take out a revolving credit, you agree on a credit limit and up to this limit you determine when and how much money you withdraw. Do you need a new washing machine? Then you take the amount of your credit and buy a washing machine.

Getting through the expensive December month without financial struggles? With a revolving credit that works; you have more control over your money. The credit covers a temporary deficit for you.

Apply for ongoing credit


Applying for a revolving credit is easy. You request a quote online, we then send you an overview with the proposal from our partner banks and you make a choice. Our method is error-free and fast; you will not have to deal with long application and follow-up processes. Paying the Christmas presents with your new revolving credit is no problem.


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