Payday Loan: Choose the Formula

Are the holidays approaching and are your caravan or motorhome scrapped? Or have you always dreamed of buying one of these vehicles and never had enough money to do it? A payday loan could therefore certainly make you comfortable, even if in this period of crisis taking on an interest-bearing debt is never a prudent choice. However, finding a cheap payday loan can be easy if you find the right conditions and promotions.

Visiting the websites of banks or finance companies it is possible to evaluate the conditions set by the LookCredit, or those of Loantosas, Tosoloan, etc. best suited to your needs will be really simple. In fact, to meet those who want to buy or change a caravan or camper van, LookCredit has developed a loan that at first sight seems advantageous; given the specific purpose, it is worth analyzing it in detail to test its real convenience.

First of all, to access the loan, certain criteria must be met;


LookCredit essentially lists four: an age between 18 and 75, the presence of a provable source of income (paycheck, pension, etc.), residence in Italy and the need to hold a bank account.

This last condition derives from the fact that the amount disbursed will be credited directly to the account of the holder of the loan, as well as the reimbursement to LookCredit will be through direct debit on the current account. Furthermore, the possibility of receiving and paying the sum directly from our current account will not oblige us to change banks.

As we have already said, the purpose of the loan is exclusively the purchase of caravans or campers.

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The amount disbursed, from one thousand to 60 thousand euros, can cover 100 percent of the purchase price of the vehicle. The delivery practices are rapid, allowing the applicant to purchase and exploit the caravan or camper immediately, perhaps as early as the next summer vacation.

The payday loan provides for a Taeg of 7.85%, therefore for a loan of 14 thousand euros it will be necessary to pay 96 installments of 195 euros per month, paying LookCredit interest for 4,720 euros. Among the features of the LookCredit loan, it also provides for the possibility of using the Installment Change services, or you can choose to change the installment amount, and the Installment Break which consists in the possibility of postponing an installment up to a maximum of three times.

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